On behalf of the team

The Bundeskartellamt has imposed a fine totalling approximately 7 million euros on Bose GmbH, which is based in Friedrichsdorf, on account of resale price maintenance.[1] Bose’s activities in this area mainly focus on the distribution of audio products, especially speakers and headphones. The proceedings were initiated in the context of a request for official assistance from the Austrian competition authority.

Bose’s employees agreed on concerted measures for setting sales prices with the authorised dealers involved. These measures generally pertained to an increase in sales prices, which were also specifically set in some cases. For example, the company intervened on several occasions in which the dealers had deviated from the recommended resale price, prompting the dealers to adjust their conduct accordingly in a number of cases.

[1] Press release of the Bundeskartellamt of 2 December 2021, ‘Bundeskartellamt imposes fine on audio equipment manufacturer Bose’.