On behalf of the team

On 15 November 2021, the Commission published a letter addressed to car manufacturers Daimler, VW and BMW regarding its decision of 8 July 2021.[1] In that decision, the Commission fined the car manufacturers for illegally discussing certain aspects and topics in relation to the development of SCR-systems used in diesel passenger cars.[2] In the letter now published, the Commission explains that it takes the view that certain other areas of cooperation concerning the same subject matter, which were not included in the Commission decision, are not capable of restricting competition and are not in breach of competition law. The Commission advised the car manufacturers that it therefore saw no reason to further investigate the conduct described in the letter.

[1] Commission Letter of 8 July 2021, AT.40178_8022302_3050_5.

[2] Commission decision of 8 July 2021, Case AT.40178 (Car Emissions).