United Kingdom

On behalf of the team

In Q1, we wrote about the decision of the High Court that was detrimental to investment funds Allianz Global Investors et al. The High Court had not given them permission to appeal the decision that allowed the banks that participated in the foreign exchange cartel in the proceedings instituted against them by the funds to assert in those proceedings that the investment funds passed on the damage they believed to have suffered to investors. The High Court initially had not given permission for reasons concerning case management because it feared a delay in the proceedings if the appeal were allowed.

In Q2, both the investment funds and the other claimants were given permission to appeal this decision. This will give them another opportunity to challenge the passing-on defence of the cartelists. According to the claimants, only the investment funds have a possible legal claim against the cartelists and this does not apply to independent investors. In addition, they believe that if the District Court were to agree with this passing-on defence of the banks, this would have far-reaching (and undesirable) consequences for the scope of future claims and thus also for the necessary provision of proof and the surrender of and access to documents in these and similar proceedings. The hearing is scheduled for 8 December 2021,[1] so that we will report on it in Q4.

[1] According to MLex, ‘Allianz Global Investors, others win permission to appeal UK forex cartel ‘pass-on’ ruling’, 1 July 2021.