On behalf of the team

Renault Trucks, Daimler AG and other truck manufacturers confronted with extensive antitrust damages claims in Europe have become aware that, in April 2021, a Spanish court asked the CJEU to clarify whether customers who had purchased dump trucks could also claim compensation.[1] The question from the Provincial Court (audiencia provincial) of Pontevedra dates from April last year, but was only recently disclosed.

Renault Trucks is being sued by Dalarjo et al. in connection with the sale of various trucks and participation in the truck cartel.

Renault Trucks argues that dump trucks are not covered by this decision, because they are not used  on the road and have no registration number. Dalarjo et al. dispute this argument. The Provincial Court of Pontevedra has now asked the CJEU for the meaning of ‘medium heavy’ and ‘heavy’ trucks to be further clarified.

[1] Dalarjo and Others Case C-285/21 (Case in progress).