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On 6 May 2021, Advocate General Michal Bobek issued an Opinion in one of the cases concerning the air cargo cartel.[1] The Dutch litigation vehicles Stichting Cartel Compensation and Equilib Netherlands instituted proceedings against British Airways, KLM and other airlines after the European Commission established in 2010 that the airlines had made prohibited price agreements with regard to cargo shipments prices. The AG’s Opinion pertained in particular to the question of whether damage could also be claimed for the period prior to 2004, when important competition law came into force. According to the airlines, Articles 104 and 105 TFEU would result in the national courts not having jurisdiction to rule on antitrust damages cases from that period. Advocate General Bobek did not concur with this and thus concluded that national courts could also rule on antitrust damages claims dating from before 2004.

[1]              Advocate General M. Bobek, 6 May 2021, case C-819/19 (Stichting Cartel Compensation and Equilip Netherlands/KLM et al.)