The Netherlands

On behalf of the team


On 7 June, a hearing was held in the second group of cases relating to the truck cartel, including Stichting Trucks Cartel versus DAF, MAN,Volvo/Renault, Iveco, Daimler and Scania. During the hearing, four topics were discussed: the scope and basis of the claims, the assignment agreements, the indirect buyers (and the term ‘passing-on’) and the applicable law. At the hearing, the District Court announced its intention to ask questions about the applicable law, because it was not entirely certain about its own judgment on applicable law in the first group of cases. The District Court will render a judgment on 13 September 2023 with its intention to ask questions for a preliminary ruling, after which the parties can respond. The District Court intends to render a judgment with a decision on this intention on 8 November 2023.