United Kingdom

On behalf of the team

On 4 May 2022, a UK judge of the English Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT“) ruled on the English company Blue Planet Holdings Limited‘s claim demanding inspection against the local authority of Orkney, Orkney Island Council, the ferry company Orkney Ferries Limited and haulier Sinclair Haulage Limited.[1] Blue Planet asserted that the authorities wrongly gave monopoly positions to the ferry company and the haulier with regard to transport to the Scottish Orkney Islands. As a result, the hauliers could charge (excessive) high prices to users for the transport of goods destined for the Orkney Islands. Investment company Blue Planet claims the resulting damage and requested inspection of, among other things, a list of transporters and their trips on relevant routes. The defendants had already been ordered to do so before, but had refused to provide this information. The court again found that the parties must comply with such court orders.

[1] Order of 4 May 2022 of the Competition Appeal Tribunal, case 1418/5/7/21 (Blue Planet Holdings Ltd/Orkney Islands).