On behalf of the team

In June 2022, the Bundeskartellamt started an investigation into alleged anti-competitive conduct by Google on its Google Maps Platform. Through Google Maps, users can not only navigate, but also have access to the locations such as shops, restaurants and hotels. Yet, it is not possible to integration Google Maps with other map services. The German competition authority launched an investigation into this conduct, and will be examining whether the impossibility of combining Google Maps with alternative map services constitutes abusive conduct. In January 2022, the German competition authority marked Google as being of paramount significance for competition across markets, based on article 19a of the German Competition Act. Because of this, the German competition authority will have more competences in its research into Google Maps.[1]

[1]Proceeding against Google for possible anti-competitive restrictions of map services (Google Maps Platform)’, 21-06-2022, website Bundeskartellamt.