The Netherlands

On behalf of the team

Stichting BREIN, TALPA TV B.V. and RTL NEDERLAND B.V. summoned “A” (also known as “M”) and “B” (an individual whose identity is unknown so far) to appear in court. The defendants sell IPTV subscriptions via various websites and a physical store in Rotterdam. By doing so, defendants are infringing the intellectual property rights of Talpa and RTL, but also, for example, those of Walt Disney Company and Ziggo.

Stichting BREIN, being the exclusive representative, sought by way of preliminary relief – in short – access to all the relevant information in order to gather evidence against A and B. In the proceedings on the merit, Stichting BREIN sought, inter alia, a declaratory judgement, an order prohibiting further infringement and damages for Talpa and RTL.

A and B were to appear before the Rotterdam District Court on 14 April 2021.