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On 25 January 2022, the European Commission re-adopted a decision against Telefónica, S.A. and Pharol SGPS, S.A. (previously Portugal Telecom SGPS) and fined the companies 79,040,000 euros for entering into a non-compete agreement.[1]Press release of the European Commission of 25 January 2022, ‘Antitrust: Commission re-adopts decision and fines Telefónica and Pharol (formerly Portugal Telecom) €79,040,000 for entering … Continue reading In 2013, the Commission took the view that the clause not to compete with each other on the Iberian telecommunications market from the end of September 2010 amounted to a market-sharing agreement with the object of restricting competition in the internal market and therefore breached EU antitrust rules. In June 2016, the General Court found that the Commission should have examined the parties’ arguments that there was no potential competition between them in certain markets and that those markets should have been excluded when calculating the amount of the fines (cases T-216/13 and T-208/13). In the new decision, the Commission takes full account of the General Court’s judgment.