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On 24 February 2022, Advocate General Medina gave an opinion in a case of the German region Landkreis Northeim versus truck manufacturers Daimler, Iveco and MAN with regard to the truck cartel.[1]AG Medina, 24 February 2022, case C-588/20 (Landkreis Northeim v Daimler et al).In German proceedings, the German region also sought compensation of damage for two waste vehicles, while the truck manufacturers asserted that these were not covered by the decision of the European Commission of 19 July 2016[2]Decision of the European Commission of 19 July 2016. and it has therefore not been established for these trucks that cartel arrangements were made for this. The question currently before the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling is whether, in addition to ‘ordinary’ trucks, also special purpose vehicles, such as waste vehicles and fire department vehicles, are covered by the decision. The Advocate General concludes that all specialised vehicles except vehicles for military purposes are covered by the decision of the European Commission. If the Court of Justice follows this opinion, damages can also be claimed for these special purpose trucks.