The Netherlands

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On 3 January 2022, the summons of Stichting Investor Loss Compensation against Airbus SE, among others, was registered in the central register for collective claims.[1] Airbus SE was involved for years in bribery scandals concerning the sale of its aircrafts, helicopters and satellites. In its summons, Stichting Investor Loss Compensation is seeking damages for the investors who purchased Airbus shares during the relevant period and held or sold them after one or more corrective disclosures occurred. Corrective disclosures include every disclosure as a result of which the price of the Airbus SE shares moved towards the natural, non-inflated price.

This class action is not about the (un)lawfulness of the bribery practices as such, but about the question of whether Airbus SE complied with its statutory disclosure obligation in connection with its involvement in the bribery practices and the risks that Airbus SE ran as a result. This is because there was a risk that Airbus SE would suffer serious reputational damage and financial loss as a result of criminal investigations and prosecutions. Since Airbus SE kept these risks hidden for a long period of time, the price was inflated for a long period. The foundation is therefore seeking, among other things, damages for the investors.