Q 2022 – Edition 1

On behalf of the team

Dear Reader,

We’re proud to present an entirely revamped Q Class Actions Update.

And if we may say so ourselves, we think it’s a great improvement.

Firstly, from halfway through 2021 onwards, class actions in the broad sense of the term have taken centre stage. Not least because class actions are a hot topic across the globe at the moment. Particularly so in the Netherlands, where, for example, numerous cases are being initiated pursuant to new legislation. We will monitor the resulting slew of case law for you. And of course, we’ll continue to focus on developments related to cartel damage.

Secondly, Q is now presented in website format, not only making it more of a pleasure to read but also enabling readers to consult it as a source of information. Many will find the easily-searchable database useful. We’re pleased to contribute in this way to further developments in the field of class actions.

Louis Berger & Hans Bousie