Meet the Team

Vita Zwaan

Vita Zwaan is partner at bureau Brandeis and specialises in privacy and data protection. She advises on compliance issues in various sectors, assists clients in investigations carried out by the Dutch Data Protection Authority and litigates in class actions involving privacy. Known for her practical, prompt and thorough advice, she is also an experienced litigator.

Hans Bousie

Hans Bousie is a founding partner of bureau Brandeis. Internationally, Hans specialises in cross-border antitrust damage litigation. His excellent skills in combining market economics with legal frameworks beef up his in-depth knowledge of antitrust law obtained through 20 years of experience in antitrust litigation before the Dutch Courts, European Commission, Dutch competition authority and European Court of Justice. Hans has been involved in the main cartel damages cases in the Netherlands: the Air Cargo Case and the Trucks Case. He is the founder and editor of the Cartel Damages Quarterly: the world’s only journal on cartel damage competition case law. He’s on top of all new developments in cartel damage case law and regularly speaks at conferences and symposia on this issue.

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm

Christiaan is partner of bureau Brandeis. He specializes in digital copyright, the liability of intermediaries, privacy and free speech issues. He is both a trusted advisor to his clients such as KPN, Netflix and eBay and an experienced litigator. Members of Parliament, both Dutch and European, call upon him regularly for advice on technology law matters. He is a frequent speaker and often appears on national television and in other media as a commentator on current legal events. Besides his work as an attorney, he is a senior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. Christiaan combines his extensive experience as a litigator and attention for societal issues in a variety of class actions.

Louis Berger

Louis Berger is a founding partner of bureau Brandeis. He is an expert in corporate and commercial litigation with more than 20 years of extensive experience in the field. He is recognised for his legal strategy and ability to think beyond the law itself. Louis is experienced in (international) litigation and advising in litigious situations. He has extensive experience as local counsel in multi-jurisdiction litigation. This part of the practice involves complex, cross-border disputes that are brought to court in multiple jurisdictions. Before joining bureau Brandeis, Louis was a partner at Spigt Litigators, a prominent firm for its outstanding litigation practice in the Netherlands.

Frank Peters

Frank Peters is a seasoned litigator with substantial experience in class actions of all types. As a founding partner of bureau Brandeis, he represents companies, institutional investors, NGOs and hedge funds in complex corporate and commercial disputes, as well as strategic litigation in fundamental matters such as climate change. With regards to class action suits, Frank has worked on The Privacy Collective v. Oracle & Salesforce (GDPR), minority shareholders v. Yukos (bankruptcy and corporate governance), the Steinhoff class action for institutional investors, with Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. and Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP (securities fraud), and several other matters to climate change.

Michelle Krekels

Michelle Krekels is a senior associate at bureau Brandeis. She has extensive experience with complex (international) litigation. She advises and litigates on mass damage cases, commercial contracts, financial disputes and (product) liability. For example, on behalf of South-Africa’s civil servants pension fund and other institutional investors, she instituted legal proceedings against Steinhoff and others following the announcement of fraudulent accounting irregularities. She often works with other foreign law firms and funders, they appreciate her sharp analyses, critical insights and client focus.

Stefan Campmans

Stefan Campmans is a senior litigator with 10 years of experience, focusing on competition law and civil litigation. Stefan is at his best in complex (international) commercial disputes that require a strategic mind set. He graduated in competition law issues in the EU pharmaceuticals market (as well as in civil law and corporate law( in 2011. Before joining bureau Brandeis, Stefan was a member of the competition law and corporate law department of a full-service Dutch law firm. Since 2016, he has focused on litigation, including class action suits about competition law. He is also an editor for Q class actions.

Sophie van Everdingen

Sophie van Everdingen is an experienced litigator with a focus on competition law. Before joining bureau Brandeis in September 2016, Sophie worked at the competition law department at an international law firm in Brussels, where she advised manufacturers and dealers in the automotive sector, and litigated against the Belgian competition authority (BMA) and the Dutch competition authority (ACM) several times. At bureau Brandeis, Sophie is involved in civil litigation on the plaintiff’s side against members of the truck cartel. In addition, she advises several national and international clients on competition issues.

Nathan van der Raaij

Nathan van der Raaij is an associate at bureau Brandeis. He specialises in both the corporate litigation practice and competition law. Nathan is part of the firm’s cartel damages litigation team.

Tessel Bossen

Tessel Bossen is an associate at bureau Brandeis. She specialises in commercial litigation practice, and is also involved in the firm’s cartel damages litigation team.